Welcome to the Floyd County Recorder’s Office Neighborhood Resource Center!

This resource is designed to provide citizens with access to the recorded covenants and restrictions of housing and business developments in Floyd County.

Covenants and restrictions are an important part of life in our community. They establish standards governing how we improve our homes, what we can do with our property and what activities can take place in residential areas and industrial parks.

All too often, property owners are unaware of the restrictions contained in their covenants. We hope that this Neighborhood Resource Center offers a powerful new tool for resolving what is perhaps the single largest source of conflict between neighbors and homeowners’ associations.

Our office is continuously looking for ways to serve you better and to provide more value for the dollars all of us invest in local government. We hope the Neighborhood Resource Center contributes to building better neighborhoods and a better community.


Todd N. Scannell
Floyd County Recorder